AA Battery Charger for GL-A300m

There are many AA battery to USB chargers on ebay for smartphones. Is it possible to use this to power the router? There are 2 types. One with 2 AA batteries, and one with 4AA batteries. If it’s possible which one can be used?

You need to check the current. It needs at least 1A. Never tried.

I have been evaluating various small battery packs and phone charger packs. I’m using them on the beach to capture the WiFi signals from across the street so that I have WiFi on the sand.

5000mag PowerAdd 2 gives me all day serving music from a usbstick and internet of course.

The amount of time is dependent on what you’re doing with the router. Just internet repeating, I have gotten 6 hours from a 2500mah Jackery battery pack.

I also have a battery pack that uses 4 AA Batteries. I use Sorbo 1.5 v lithium batteries in this box. The batteries each have a usb connector on them, so each one one can be recharged.

Everything is available on amazon of course.

I have measure the current draw on my fleet of 6 ar300m routers, internet repeating stays under 250ma current draw. Internet and usb music serving over WiFi keeps it in the 400ma range on average.

Thanks for the replies. That makes sense that it works with 4 AA batteries. 250ma - 400ma is a lot less than 1000ma. And I don’t think 4 AA battery packs put out 1000ma. Does it really need 1000ma? usb 2.0 is only supposed to have 500ma.

I think the 500mA is the output standard and input currents on the power/charging port can be whatever (the device will simply draw what it needs). I have a AR300M and it will run off 500mA but you get occasional surges where the router will fail and reboot. I’ve found that 1A works fine (but start plugging things into the USB port, such as Broadband sticks, and even that might not be enough)

OK, thanks. that’s good to know. So I guess 4AA batteries should work but sometimes it might need more power under heavy loads.
I guess I’ll get a AA charger and try it out. As long as there’s no chance I’ll break the device, I don’t mind spending a few dollars on the charger to try it.