About 5-10% of our routers suffer from poor wifi signal


We have a stock of around 300 routers, about 250 AR-150 and 50 gl-mifi.

I have found that the wifi signal (RSSI) on about 5% - 10% of our routers is lower by about 10dBm.

We and our customers regularly connect and disconnect antennas when the devices are powered on. According to this post, this might be causing the wifi circuit to fail/short? Please could somebody from gl-inet confirm whether there is any truth in this? How can I test if this is the case, using a multi-meter?

I should also mention that we use our own antenna, these 6dBi antenna. Perhaps the additional gain compared to the factory issued antenna is enough to fry the wifi circuit.

Is there any other best-practice guidance to avoiding damage to the wifi circuit?


You just cannot disconnect or connect antenna when the router is powered on. 6dbi antenna may damage the radio. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired.

There should be one special notice that you cannot operate on the antenna while powered on.

OK thanks for confirming.