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I own Puil (considering purchasing Mudi in the future), and I am looking to replace the LTE module with a 5G module. The 5G module I’m considering should be based on the Qualcomm X55 or X65. I’m unsure if this is feasible?

Did you mean use external 5G module? The M2 5G board M2 5G Development Board — GL.iNet is compatible, but other 5G module have not been tested.

5G module size is much bigger than 4G module, and 5G module requires 4 antennas while 4G module only requires 2 antennas. Not possible to put 5G module in Puli or Mudi.

No, what I want to do is replace the internal M.2 Cellular Module.

I’ve checked the dimensions a bit, and the length is less than 2 millimeters different from the EP06. If I insist on replacing it, can I add the antenna myself?

On Puli or Mudi, it’s no possible to make a 5G module working. EP06 is using mini-PCIE while 5G module using M.2 interface, and 5G module requires more power consumption than 4G module, Puli or Mudi can’t supply enough power.

Hi there Tim,

Is this also true for the new Mudi V2? My understanding is that the EM060K is an LTE Cat 6 IoT module in an M.2 form factor. It seems like this could potentially be replaced with another M2 5G board, no?

M2 5G module can’t work on the new Mudi V2.

To adapt a new cellular module, our R&D team need to spend significant work, not only for hardware also for software. We didn’t integrate 5G module on Mudi V2 before and no plan to do it, as Mudi’s limited CPU capability, can’t supply enough power for 5G module, can’t satisfy the heat dispating for 5G module, and no space to place 4x 5G antennas, and other limitions.

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Fair enough – that’s unambiguous. Hopefully there will be a 5G version at some point in the future :slight_smile: