About Flint WiFi Speed

I bought Flint. But the download speed of 5G WiFi is less than 300Mbps (using 500/250) , 2.4G Wifi is even worse, only less than 100Mbps. What should I do? (Using v4.1.0 Release 6)

Hi,How did you upgrade to SDK4.1? Uboot or WEB page? Is it possible to upgrade the firmware to SDK4.1 in this way and then retest the wifi speed? Slow wifi on Flint AX1800 - #31 by subzero06

I upgraded Flint from 3.214 to 4.1.0 through the web.

I have just used uBoot to re-flash the firmware. After flashing, I turned off the power of Flint, but it cannot be turned on again. What should I do?

Hi, does the led light on?

Could you export log for review?

After powering on, Flint does not respond

Which firmware did you use in uboot? You should use the .img firmware

I made sure to use the .img file for Flash.

After flashing, I felt that the previous Config was not completely cleared, so I decided to flash back to version 3.214 before upgrading.

When I cut off the power, it won’t turn on.

If uboot is still accessible pls try flash again.

To be correct, Flint does not respond when plugged in.

sounds like the hardware went bad - can you try replacing it for a new one?

I used VOM yesterday to determine whether the Adapter is damaged. The result seems to be that the Adapter is damaged. So I will use another normal Adapter to determine whether there is a problem with Flint.