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Can you put a dual 2.5g router on the shelf?

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Next model will surely have multiple 2.5G ports


what about a all-in-one device with 5G CPE connectivity, SFP, mediaconverter port, thread border etc?


Why should it have 5G and SPF at the same time?

@alzhao 5G CPE for backup internet connectivity (or load balancing/bonding) and SFP for LAN versatility. Imagine having the possibility to build part of your LAN over fiber for example… to get local 2.5gbps/10gbps connectivity or using existing network of coper or even over existing coax - MaGiC-SFP™ – MDS Link - , you name it! If deciding using fibre for LAN instead of using an extra media-converter a SFP port will be useful. Having only these two will eliminate two other devices (a CPE router/modem/dongle and a media-converter). Only the possibility of using the existing coax infrastructure which most houses have and building a LAN with 2.5gbps capabilities sounds amazing to me… eliminates the need of routing new wires etc… think about the possibilities/options offered to customers by adding a SFP port :wink:

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Is there a specific shelf time?

SFP needs ISP support.

If only make a router with SFP, it may not work.

Sorry I don’t have a timeline.

Not possible before end of this year though.

ISP support? what for? SFP will be useful for LAN side

I see. Thanks for clarification.

Hi,this is of course a very good idea. In fact I was thinking of this already some time ago.It would be cool to build a whole-house fiber network.the modem’s lan ports are not all SFP ports, and the router with SFP+ will take care of that.


that’s the whole point :wink: i am in the process of rebuilding all internal network over fibre