About openvpn on ar150


im connected on openvpn but i dont have internet and i dont load any page on my browser.,.and if i use vpn on my laptop it wont connect


Please give details with screenshot. Otherwise cannot tell the reason.


i flash lede 2.27 now and i have internet now via openvpn.,.but it slow


er3 this is my problem now ihave net if i connect wan to lan but if i choose to repeater mode and wisp im connected to vpn but no internet.,.,


pls help me sir.,.i have no idea what to do.,.,thanks


Try setting custom DNS, such as “”


id try dns but still no internet.,.,


Do you get internet over wifi without VPN?

Post ovpn file,


I don’t have.,I think the problem is the modem .,.coz I tried on other wifi using repeater mode and I have internet…the wifi that don’t have net is Huawei 936 modem.,.


i get it the huawei modem and my glinet have the same lan ip.,.,problem solved


Thanks for coming back with the solution - your problem is obvious but wasn’t detailed in the OP!


sorry i new with this router thank you for response sir.,.,i tried fw 3.0 and when i connect to huawei modem i have warning about lan ip and need to change.,.,thats why i solve my prob hehe…,


Good to know that the warning works!