Accesing local resources on remote LAN

I've recently purchased an OPAL travel router (SFT1200). The idea is that when I'm traveling, the OPAL will connect to the WIFI of wherever I am as the WAN, and using the "VPN client" (ideally Wireguard), it'll connect to my UCG Ultra at home. I'd like all traffic from the OPAL to be routed through my home network, Internet and access to the local network subnet.

I've tried with both Wireguard and Openvpn. They both connect to the VPN server (my Ubiquiti UCG Ultra) no problem, my public IP is my home IP address, which is great, the internet is being routed through, but I cannot access my local IP addresses.

I'm assuming there is a static route I need to put in place in the LuCi, which I've tried without any luck. Could someone advise what the route might be please?

Details are;
DHCP server is default, so the local IP is 192.168.8.x
My wireguard client IP for the OPAL when connected is
The remote subnet is 192.168.200.x

Also, I've used the same Wireguard config directly on my laptop and I can access the remote subnet, so I'm sure the issue is with the OPAL.

Thank you!

Navigate to "VPN Dashboard" find "VPN Server" and find your wireguard client. To the right of the wg client click the 3 dots menu under the options column and toggle on "Remote Access LAN" now you should have LAN access over your wireguard server.

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