Access GL-MT300N-v2 webinterface via my wifi

Hello all together,

I want to look deeper into my network settings and I do have a problem accessing my mango router.

The mango is connected via the WAN port to my local network. It does receive a local IP address 192.168.170.x via DHCP from my primary router.
The mango is running the WireGuard Client and works fine.

The only way to access the web interface for changing settings or restarting the WireGuard client is by connecting to the wife from the mango.
I can’t access the IP given by my primary router to access the web interface.

Can someone tell me why? Do I need to change a setting?
I’d be very thankful for support.


Security reasons. In most scenarios giving access to router settings from the WAN side is considered A Very Bad Idea. A bad actor could change the router settings to allow free access to the LAN, and other things too terrible to contemplate.

I forget if there is a way nevertheless. I don’t quite follow how you are using the Mango within your network, so I’ll let others suggest things.

You just open port on the router’s firewall settings and it will work.

You are right. Your explanation makes sense.
I need to find a way to change that.

Thank you!