Access Glinet Gl-mt300n from remote

Is there a way to access the gl inet from remote? I tried to use ddns but my ip is not public so I can’t. So I decided to use goocloud to access my gl inet from remote and I can do it but in that site I can’t manage/change vpn from remote if recessary. Is there a way to control the gl inet from remote or is there an official gl inet app which let u access the router from remote? Thx U

More over i want to ask u a thing. I have been using open vpn and I noticed that the vpn if installed on the gl inet is much much slower than if I install vpn on a smartphone or different router. So the gl inet isn’t good for using vpn right?

Remote management must have a public IP, or you can set up port forwarding on your ISP router.
The CPU performance of the router is quite different from that of the mobile phone. If you want a higher speed, you can use wireguard.

I can’t use wireguard for the vpn I use. How can I set up a forward port for a non public Ip for remote access? Thx U

If your ISP router is openwrt system, you can refer to this link
If your ISP router is not openwrt system, consult the vendor