Access GPS module in Quectel in GL-MiFi?

Has anyone successfully access the GPS module in the EC25?
I installed gpsd and gpsmon.
I ran AT command at+qgps=1 into /dev/ttyUSB2
when I ran cat /dev/ttyUSB1, I could view raw GPS output. However, gpsmon seem unable to access /dev/ttyUSB1

Nevermind. for some reason, all you need is a reboot

Any good GPS antenna that would be recommended to work with EC25?

This has been covered in other threads here, but basically the performance on the modules for GPS is extremely poor no matter what antenna you choose. You are better off with an Arduino and uBlox M8N or similar GPS module that drones use for navigation.

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I put a active GPS antenna on the EC25 and it seems to be working.

Working and working good with good performance are different things :stuck_out_tongue:

It did work for me too, but the performance was very bad, and the position was not accurate + took very long to get a fix. Not very useful.