Access LAN devices on GL-MT300N-V2 running WG client from WG server side

How to access LAN devices on GL-MT300N-V2 running WG client from WG server side LAN?

Allow Access Local Network is enabled!

If I connect from client side all is good I can reach LAN devices on server side, but when I want to reach LAN devices connected to GL-MT300N-V2 from server side LAN it is not accessible!

Is it feasible to enable local network access on both the server and client?

Yes, in remote location I have mobile router connection with CGNAT so no port forwarding. I need to run camera that is routed to my main networks NVR, solar controller for monitoring from my main network and one PC for bandwidth sharing that uses internet from mobile network.

Currently camera and PC is working as intended but I can’t reach solar controller and PC remotely.

For now I’m using mobile router because all usb sticks are only cat4 so upload bandwidth is a bit too low but router is cat6 that gives sufficient upload bandwidth.

Remote location mobile router LAN
* PC
* Controller Mango VAN Mango LAN Camera WG client
*I moved PC and controller to mango LAN
192.168.151 PC
192.168.152 Controller

but it still is not accessible from server side

Main network WG server main LAN and NVR

I have made some progress and I can reach WG clients and server from main LAN. So now I can ping and access Mango GUI on WG client IP from main LAN.

Now I need help to be able reach local devices connected to Mango from main LAN.

Allow access local network toggle switch doesn’t do any effect.

I suppose I need to modify firewall on Mango but I’m not sure how to do that.

I found that if there is VPN policy for specific device to use VPN enabled, mango is not accessible from main LAN anymore, if policyes are switched off Mango GUI is available again.
Is there any way to make this work?