Access Point Mode with two LAN ports


Well first of all, i like GlInet devices an try to use evey day.

One habitual configuration that i use is ROUTER MODE without DHCP, but in the normal panel i can’t deactivate DHCP…Investigating i found that is possible to use ACCESS POINT MODE in order to no use DHCP and leave to connect to wifi, buuuuuuttttttt… i need the two lan ports…LAN and WAN in the same network.

Using ROUTER MODE i can change WAN to LAN and i have two lan ports, but i can’t deactivate the DHCP option. Using ACCESS POINT MODE i maintain wifi connection and work as a bridge with the WAN port, but need to have two cabled ports in the same physical network to work…

Can i get this configuration?

In router mode go to luci and disable DHCP server.

Access point and extender mode will disable router functionality including DHCP.

Using a mini router in extender mode will give you 2 LAN ports as standard. If you require Access Point mode (wired connectivity) you’ll need to use a AR750 Creta or above for 1 WAN and 2 LAN

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Yes I try disable dhcp server in lucy but not find the option… Can you guide me?

In extended mode I can’t use wifi connection to connect to the device. Extended mode expects to subscribe to another wifi connection. I need a configuration that allow connect two wired devices, works as wifi access point and doesn’t run dhcp server

Extender mode is the wireless equivalent of wired Access Point mode and both automatically disable DHCP, firewall etc and I THINK that it will also automatically set the WAN port to a LAN port.

Sorry are you saying you need to connect 2 wired end devices and wifi end devices to the gl.Inet device? If so then extender model will support this however be aware that if you use a single band device like a 2.4GHz Mango or Shadow then you will lose 1/2 of your bandwidth as the device will be sharing the single band to repeat the source signal and supply WiFi to your end devices. DHCP should be served from your source router and all devices should be on the same subnet.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your requirements.

Interface, lan, general setup then ignore dhcp server for this interface.