Access Point With Static IP

Hello Everyone !

I purchased a GL iNet GL-AR300m16-ext. I am hoping to use it to add wireless to a lan network. I have an automation machine with a lan network with a PLC, Robots, and some other devices all with a static IP. There is no router in this machine, only a passive switch. Everything works because it is all static IP. My goal was to set the GL-AR into access point mode and assign a static ip. So I can connect to these devices wirelessly. However I cant seem to accomplish this. Once I set into access point mode I can no longer get into the web server via Lan,Wan, or wifi. Even thought I can actually connect to the wifi. I think its stuck in a state of waiting for a router to assign an IP. How can I get around this?


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Can you set a static IP on the Shadow before connecting it to your network?

Or is the problem that ‘access point mode’ seems to expect a DHCP assignment and there’s no obvious way around that?

From the shell you can assign an IP using ifconfig or ip command, you just need to choose the right interface.

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Can you explain how to do that please

First, can you try to ssh into the modem after switching an AP mode?

How would I ssh into it when I am not able to know what the IP address is? Sorry I am more of a controls guy then a networking guy.

Before changing to AP mode can you please ssh and list all interfaces:

Ifconfig -a

Can you also share what static ip and mask and GW you want to configure .