Access Remote TimeClock

I have my unit at a remote site with a network of and connected to the main network via PPTP VPN, this connection seems to work well.

The main network sees itself as with being the main router.

When the device is VPN connected I can access anything on the main network from the remote network through the VPN but the main network cannot access anything on the remote network.

The end goal is to connect a network time clock to the main network to upload punches. The only options I have on time clock are to set the IP and SubNet.

Can anyone assist?

On server side, you maybe need to configure a static route to client subnet.

Thank you for the response. I have never set up a static route though I see my router supports it. Any words of advice before I try this?

The device VPN connects as and the timeclock connects as

If I am understand correctly, you want to access TimeClock from PC( as example).

So you need to configure a static route on main network side. It looks like:

ip route add via dev pptp-vpn

I don’t know which router are you using on the main network, you might can configure static route on admin web page.