Access speeds and video playback

Just picked up the Spitz AX modem last week.

I’m running a T-Mobile SIM. When tested in my Pixel 6 Pro, I was getting upwards of 500mpbs down. I am getting half of that on the Spitz, but with a better signal.

Any ideas why? What steps can I take to improve my speeds? I feel like I shouldn’t have to get an external antenna when my phone with a lesser signal strength was getting better speeds.

Additionally, with this connection I have to use a VPN for my xbox to stream different forms of content, or run AdGuard on my phone (having it enabled in the modem makes no difference), or else l get a 403 forbidden error.

I am perplexed!

Anybody have any ideas?

Sound to me like some DNS and maybe NAT (sometimes mobile carrier do CG-NAT, so there is no real IPv4) error.

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Thanks for the reply!

I was thinking this might be the case since somehow the VPN and AdGuard (at least the mobile application) seem to resolve the issue.

I’m a novice when it comes to all of this. Moved to a rural house so had to come up with a solution for internet for work, and have found myself in the deep end real quick lol.

Might you have any insights in steps I could take to resolve this issue more permanently?