Access the Web Admin controls on Beryl from main router

Hi, I recently purchased a GL-MT 1300 Beryl travel router. I have it all set up and other than accidentally bricking it when I tried to upgrade the first day it’s all going well so far.
There is however one thing that I’d like to be able to do. I currently have the router running as a repeater, when I am connect to the repeater from a device I can access the web admin panel at with no problems, however if I’m connected to say the master/main router on the network I’m unable to access the admin panel via or the IP designated by the main router Is there something I need to enable in order to connect to it this way?

p.s. My apologies if this has been asked before, I searched and couldn’t find any previous posts about this.


The router has a firewall that do not allow you do to this. You can try this:

Option 1: Go to firewall and open port 80. Then try to acceses

Option 2: Go to Applications->remote access and enable ddns, then enable http. After than, you can access

Thanks alzhao,

Enabling remote access DDNS and HTTP did the trick.

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