Access to GoodCloud behind firewall

I have to place a Slate, which I would like to connect to the EU GoodCloud into an internal network behind a firewall.
What is the configuration for the outgoing traffic for the firewall (IP address range and ports), so that the device can access the EU GoodCloud servers and the configuration for the incoming traffic, so that I can access the device via GoodCloud (SSH and Web interface)?

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Here you can find all needed details for GC:

Nothing need to do, as long as you can access the Internet.

I did not find the information I am looking for in your docs.
That is exactly the problem: the device cannot access the Internet, because the access is restricted by the firewall, it does allow outgoing connections to particular IPs only. Therefore I have to configure the firewall to give the Slate access to the Internet, see my original question.
You have answered this question in this forum already with respect to the US servers: What are the GoodCloud IP address ranges?, but I need to connect to the European servers. And for me it is also important which incoming traffic from the cloud to the device has to be allowed in the firewall.

None. The connection will be initiated by the router all the time. Should be RPC, if I remember right.
Hostname of the EU cloud is does not resolve.
The connection to the cloud is definetely initiated by the router, but what if I initiate a remote connection from the cloud web interface either to the web interface of the router or via the ssh button on the web interface of the cloud to the router?

If you have a outgoing firewall, just allow the domain Does this work?

The problem is that I do not have access to the firewall, I have to tell the admin (an external company) of the firewall which firewall rules to configure.
So trial and error is not really an option …

Totally resolves to

Goodcloud uses WebRTC, so only reverse connections.

You are right, it resolves, but I cannot ping it, contrary to

Should be for EU then.
But the IP is the same, so whitelisting should be fine.

Neither, nor answer to pings.

They don’t need to. You are not required to answer to pings.