Access to web GUI through VPN tunnel?

  • I have many GL iNet devices that travel with employees
  • The devices are configured as VPN clients to our corporate network
  • I obviously won’t have access to the router the GL iNet device is connected to (hotel, customer office, etc…) so port forwarding is not an option

Occasionally I need to remotely manage the GL iNet device through it’s web interface. I can do this easily with GoodCloud (which is great). But what if GoodCloud is down? What if GoodCloud goes from “Beta” to “End of Life”? I like GoodCloud, but I don’t want it to be a requirement for what we are trying to accomplish.

Is there a way to manage the GL iNet device assuming it is connected as a VPN client? I’ve banged around a bit in the firewall zone settings with no success.

Thanks in advance.

There are three ways to access the router if you use it as vpn client:

  1. Via GoodCloud: You have done this.

  2. Via AstroRelay: You can access it using a relay URL

  3. Via VPN server: First, when you connect as vpn client, you should tick “Allow Access Local Network”, then you can access via the vpn IP. But you have to know the vpn IP of each router. And in your vpn server side, you also have option to allow or deny accessing to the clients.

I had a configuration change that needed to be made at the server which was blocking me from connecting to other connected devices.

After the change at the server, your suggestion on “Allow Access Local Network” worked perfect.


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