Accessing Brume 2 Wireguard Server Logs

How do I access the Wireguard server logs for client access on the Brume 2 (firmware 4.4.6)?
I have setup multiple Brume 2’s as drop-in devices mostly as Wireguard servers. One isn’t working and the error from the client is “Handshake did not complete after 5 seconds”.

Port forwarding is correct and the settings align with all other Brume 2 devices I have installed.
View Log under VPN Dashboard/Wireguard does not show connection status and I don’t see anything other than the Wireguard service starting in the System or kernel logs.


This mostly means that the connection isn’t possible - that’s the reason why you won’t see any logs on the router. The connection does not reach the router.

Thank you @admon, be even on the Brume’s that work, I don’t see any real logging for incoming Wireguard connections.

Executing the command wg show via SSH on the router should show more information.

Excellent. Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed.

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