Accessing MT3000 Admin Panel

ANYONE = I know it's a too simple question for the forum but:

Newbie here can't find anywhere in the users manual on how to access Admin Panel. I know I'm supposed to type ip into my browser.

It would also be nice to get a PDF of the whole manual.

Tks. or the IP your router uses.
All docs are available on

No PDF available, sorry.

That's what I thought but it doesn't connect. I even tried with PC connected to my old wi-fi.

I'll try where I saw "not-connecting" in the forum search.

Thanks so far.


Please connect only to your GL router, no old Wi-Fi since it won't work. Then you need to figure out the new IP of the GL router by checking the settings of the device.

Pls check out Can't access web Admin Panel - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

If you have photos, images, screenshots etc that will help a lot.