Activate and deactivate vpn via ios app

activation of the vpn via app outside the local network of the glnet router
even from a different subnet from where the gl-net router is present

The app can already control the sub-route or parent route of the current WiFi. All you need to do is add the device and enter the IP to manage it.
However, it does not yet support remote control of VPNs. We are still working on a solution as this may lead to network interruptions.

Can you confirm that the GL.iNet is able to manage the router from the WAN side and get through ithe firewall?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

It is not possible to get through the firewall. That’s not safe.
The port must be open on the router. This is no different from access via the Web.

Are the ports TCP 80, TCP 443 or something else? Port forwarding has to be set up from the ISP router?

The app uses port 80 (http) to connect to older versions of the firmware. For security reasons for remote access, versions 4.2 and later have changed to port 443 (https).
If the client connects to the LAN of the ISP router, no forwarding is required. If connecting via the internet, forwarding is required.

so you have to open both doors?

If you have a router with firmware pre-4.2, then TCP 80 port has to be open. If you have a router with firmware 4.2 or later, then TCP port 443 has to be open.

If connecting from the Internet, then I personally do not consider opening these common/standard ports to be an acceptable solution.

TCP 80 is especially risky because all traffic over the Internet to/from the GL.iNet router will be unencrypted. Even with encryption, I would not open TCP 443 to the Internet on a device as critical as a router.

Ideally, the GL.iNet app should connect to the GL.iNet router over the Cloud through secure relay server.

The app control VPN via goodcloud will be supported, but not soon. Right now the app management via goodcloud is not quite stable and we first need to fix it in firmware version 4.3. After that, we will add more features to the app management via goodcloud.

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when is version 4.3?

The new product will have the 4.3 firmware installed at release. Other products will be upgraded after this date. We hope that most products will be upgraded by June.