Activate "connect repeter" via http or else

I have a main network driven by a UNIFI UDM router that is connect to my primary ISP over optic fiber and also connect to a GLinet AR750 as a secondary network (via a LTE Hotspot)

This setup is always on and eats quite a bit of my DATA even if the UNIF router is not in FailOver mode.

I would like to find a way to send a “Connect” or “Disconnect” command to the AR750 as I don’t want it to always be connected to eliminate LTE usage if not necessary but only connects it if my network primary line drop on my main router.

Is there a command that can be sent to the GLinet AR750 to activate (connect) to my hotspot or deactivate (disconnect) from my hotspot

thanks for any help

In openwrt, you can use ifdown name or ifup name to manage the connection to the interface, but you need to find your own way to log in to the router and execute commands. SSH might be appropriate