Activating vpn with easytether

When using easytether with v3 admin and trying to connect to VPN, I’m getting a “Not connected to Internet” error. Any workaround for this?


Could you ssh to the router? Then execute mwan3 status, please show the output here.

Yes, output below:

Interface status:
 interface wan is offline and tracking is active
 interface wwan is unknown and tracking is down
 interface tethering is unknown and tracking is down
 interface modem_1_1 is unknown and tracking is down

Current ipv4 policies:

Current ipv6 policies:

Directly connected ipv4 networks:

Directly connected ipv6 networks:

Active ipv4 user rules:
   19  1596 - default_poli  all  --  *      *  

Active ipv6 user rules:
    0     0 - default_poli  all      *      *       ::/0                 ::/0

It seems the device not Internet connection. Did you confirm the Internet is available before start VPN?

Yes, I can access the internet with these settings. When using easytether, the router doesn’t recognize a connected interface, but I am still able to access the internet.

Does it help if you reboot the device? Which version and model are you using for?

Rebooting doesn’t help. I’m using the GL-MT300N-V2 with the 1227 firmware.


I was having this EXACT same problem, and I found your posts while searching for a solution. I was disappointed as I scrolled down your thread and discovered that there wasn’t a solution here. I kept working at it over the course of a few days and figured it out. The work around I discovered (on the GL-AR750 running V3.010 admin anyways, ):

  1. Wire the router to an internet connection using the WAN port or WiFi Repeater function for internet connectivity, configure and get your VPN working.
  2. Configure the physical VPN switch and verify functionality while still connected to an internet connection that the router “recognizes”.
  3. Fire up EasyTether, make sure you’re online (make sure WiFi Repeater isn’t still connected, too. Screwed me up a couple times).
  4. Flip the switch. VPN should activate. Persists through reboots. Oh yeah. I tested that before I wasted time writing all this.
  5. Final note, during testing (persistence), I noticed at least one instance where when I unplugged the router with the VPN active (physical switch flipped on), flipped the physical switch ‘off’ while the router was powered off, but it automatically reconnect the VPN when it powered back up, even though the switch was off, so, something to be aware of.

You’ll certainly want to do your own testing/confirmation that your VPN is actually functioning correctly. The whole affair is sketchy, but worked for me. The VPN still can’t be activated from the web interface while on an unrecognized tethered internet connection, but I can flip the switch while looking at the VPN tab on the web interface and watch it magically connect. When you use the physical switch, it apparently bypasses whatever script checks for a connection when you try to connect using web interface. Pics or it didn’t happen, see below. You can’t see that I’m tethered without a recognized connection, but trust me I am. I wouldn’t lie about that long journey. And I won’t talk about what it took to get the VPN configured, unless I’ve had plenty of whiskey. I clicked the ‘Connect’ button, got the sad ‘No Internet Connection!’ message, then flipped the switch and connected, with that message still showing in pink, VICTORY:

A closing note, for other people that may stumble across this in their internet travels. As of V3.010 of the GL-iNet Admin Panel, an Easytether connection doesn’t show up as being connected but actually is (assuming you did all the configuration right on your phone and router), it took me 6 hours to figure this out. You must then ALSO remember, as I didn’t, that with the free version of Easytether (that you downloaded 6 frustrating hours ago) you have to go to a HTTP website, NOT HTTPS to test connectivity, since the free verson of Easytether doesn’t allow you to connect to HTTPS websites, I had to go hunting for an HTTP website, as most are HTTPS now-a-days. To be fair, Easytether makes this very clear, but its easily forgotten after hours and hours of banging your head against a wall thinking you’ve screwed up some step in the configuration on the router. If Easytether says “Connection Established” under USB on your phone, and the WAN interface in LuCI on the router has an IP address like “”, you’re probably connected to the internet. Pony up the $10 for Easytether Pro and you’re golden.

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