Ad-Block/DNS performance issue on Beryl

I really like pihole, but since I heard that Beryl is also able to block ads, I want to merge both services to one device. When Adblock feature is started (lucy and adblock installed), website are ad-free and it works like a charm - like using a pihole.
But after some minutes the DNS performance gets really bad: Loading a website takes up to 6 seconds and even after the site is visible, there are still some loadings in the background. I already tried some guides from this forum (e.g. for Mango) but they did not solve the bad performance. Do you have any idea to increase the performance to a normal level?
When disabling the adblock feature, DNS performance increases and is fast even after a couple of hours.

How many lists did you load in adblock? I really do not share your experience; I’ve used adblock for days continuously and have not seen any performance degradation.

Can you monitor with e.g. htop what is dragging the performance? (memory usage, CPU, …)

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With the mt1300 you should be ok up until around 300k hosts, above that and you overload your memory and experience what you described

Thanks for your answers! Nice to hear, that you do not face these issues, so it will be a misconfiguration from my side. The log says “315180 domains loaded successfully” so I’m over the 300k mark. I will delete some lists and keep on testing. BTW in the Lucy monitoring (Statius → Overview) was nothing conspicuous, but I did not htop yet.

I found out that the blocklist “notracking” does not have 60k but 250k domains. That was the reason why it went that high and the performance got so bad. Now (round about 50k entries) it works like a charm!
Thanks again!