Adblock 0 overall domains

Hi all
I am getting zero overall domains with adblock
At times it works, but rarely
Do you see any configuration issue?
This is a luci picture.

Change the download utility to wget, first make sure that the wget package is installed. Wget should be pre-installed with v3 firmware. uclient-fetch doesn’t support secure downloads of i remember correctly.

Thanks @Exile1975, I did as suggested, unfortunately to no avail
Any other ideas?

Idk, that was a problem i had at one point. Are you waiting a couple minutes before checking the status? It takes a bit to download the lists and sort them before it shows

Edit: towards the bottom, after the lists that you can select there is an option for verbose logging. I would try that, reboot the router, wait five minutes and look I the system log. I will say the only other difference i see between my settings and yours id’s that i have mine start on wan connection.