Adblock-Fast advice needed


Followed following guide Welcome to! | stangri’s OpenWrt Packages Documentation.

But it seems to work but not route through this. (Still have access to advertising domain from phone WITHOUT Acustom DNS on phone)

Can you help with that? Anyone have any experience with this?

P.S: Can I store Adblock cache on SD card?

So what is your issue right now? That the DNS server on the router does not query Adblock-Fast?

Exactly! But is installed correctly. Maybe I need to enter something not only in LuCi but also in GL interface?

Within luci there is a firewall rule to forward port 53 (DNS) from the router to the port of AdGuard - I guess you need the same rule for Adblock-Fast.

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the interface right now, so lacking a screenshot. But I am sure you will find it.

Doesn’t stay in memory – creates the list of blocked domains and then uses Dnsmasq/SmartDNS/Unbound and firewall rules to serve NXDOMAIN or reply or to reject access (depending on settings) for blocked domains.

It seems not to run independent DNS server…