Adblock with Mullvad VPN Wireguard?

Hi, I’m not sure where to ask this question, but does the LUCI Adblock addon work together with Mullvad’s VPN Service? Has anyone used them together before?

Thank you.

Yeah it will work. Ablock is just replacing DNS requests for ads making them not load. It will work regardless of how you are connecting. Will work with TOR, VPN or direct connection, and with Cloudflare DNS or your ISP DNS settings.

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We will have Adguard working perfectly on AR750S in a few days!


sounds good… are you using adblock plugin preconfigured to adguard or are you using their DNS?

just FYI openwrt’s adblock plug-in has been soooo reliable once I got the settings sorted and you can use any DNS service with it.

OTOH I had many issues with adguard DNS being unreliable or the blocking being limited.

either way, i’m looking forward to what ever you’re cooking up next :slight_smile:

We tried both Adblock and adguard.

Adguard is much better.

You don’t need to use adguard DNS because you can configure any DNS. It also use the same database for dns blocking.

Sounds great! So you are using the adguard block lists but not with openwrt’s adblock plug-in, nor by using adguards DNS servers?

I’m intrigued - are you using a custom install of the ‘adguard home’ software? did you maybe implement an in-house custom light-weight solution based on dnsmasq?

Very curious to know what’s coming!

At a glance.

Fully integrated with GL Stock firmware.

You can choose which DNS you use.

You can use public filters or use your own.


Wow that looks fantastic, thanks for the info!

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there is a bug with current stable version where if your filter list is big it is unable to update list due to insufficient memory