Add display of Wi-Fi configuration error on GL UI

Is it possible to display a simple warning on GL UI if Wi-Fi is not working for known reasons such as channel interference or module restrictions?
It’s smart that it can’t change the settings or the display disappears, but it’s difficult for inexperienced users to notice the problem.

I’ve been watching this forum for a while since I bought the MV1000-W, I’ve seen quite a few topics that suffer from Wi-Fi not working.
And some of them seem to be simply due to misconfigurations or module restrictions.

For example, on the MV1000-W, open two wireless interfaces, furthermore, if it enables the Wi-Fi repeat function, it can assign three different channels and try to use them at the same time.
If my understanding is correct, this will not work because the 2T2R module built into the MV1000-W cannot handle it.
At this time, MV1000-W shows the behavior that Wi-Fi is enabled for a moment, and then the transmission is stopped.
This is terribly confusing when looking only at the GL UI or the device to which it connects, as it seems to be set up properly (no obvious error display, in rare cases, the connection is successful).

Besides, such questions from users who “dislike LuCI” are often not accurate, and the burden on the responders is heavy.
I think it’s a good idea to add the same System Log as the LuCI to GL UI to make it easier to understand the situation of these questions.
Some people can understand that it’s valuable to the engineer and put it in the first post.

(Consumer router UI often process syslog into simple sentences before displaying them so that users do not get confused by esoteric sentences, but GL-iNet product UI do not need to do so. Probably, many users have the ability to examine it themselves, so it is better not to process it.)

These are not a suggestion to increase functional value, but, you can reduce at least of “less valuable questions” posted on forums by 3-4 per month.
It is synonymous with getting more attention to good posts :sunglasses:

It is difficult to detect if config is wrong because it depends on WiFi driver and too many config options.

But it may be possible to add warning if WiFi is down

Yes, the error message doesn’t have to be kind, it’s enough to tell you that something is wrong. That alone allows the user to quickly proceed to trial and error.

(I didn’t post it, but I was actually one of those who was confused for half a day. Looking at LuCI’s wireless, there were three settings by default, so I misunderstood for some reason that it was 4T4R despite looked at the chipset model number…)

I think that the transmission output of all settings will always be 0 only when the setting is wrong, so I think that can be used as a judgment condition. (It’s possible to make such a setting intentionally, but it probably doesn’t have to think too much about it, as it’s only done by experts.)