Add Sub Node B2200

How do I re-add a subnode that I removed via the web app? I’ve attempted to reset the subnode via the reset button on the back of the unit but I can not get it to be detected by the app to re-add it.

Is the reset complete?

Hold down reset, the LED flashes, flashes faster about 5 times, then flashes faster again at which time you release?

You can verify by connecting to the reset node by ethernet.

I did attempt to connect to the reset node by connecting it to my main node’s LAN port. This did not allow me to see the subnode. After some time I noticed that the iOS app has a plus sign on in the upper right corner. I tapped that and then hit the sync button on the back of the subnode and it allowed me to add it back into the mesh network. There is next to no documentation online that I could find about what the sync button does. I also see no way to add a new mesh subnode in the main web interface. From what I can see my only options are using the app. Why do I need to use two different interfaces/apps to work with one mesh network? Seems like this was not thought out fully and only half baked.

Also, I have noticed that my iOS device connected to this subnode does not allow me to access the internet nor the local LAN. When I launch the glinet app it hangs. Other devices seem fine but exhibit the same behavior periodically. I need to toggle wireless on and off to get them to working again. Many problems over the course of the last month…

First you reset the nodes

Then add it using the app.

Thank you. This worked for me. Should I create another topic about the connectivity issues that I am experiencing?

Yes, that would be better. I mark this thread as solved.