Add third network on Slate AXT-1800

I would like to have 3 networks, each with the following requirements.

LAN - Devices that can access each other and the internet. Personal computers, laptops, and the home server.

Guest - Devices that can’t access each other OR LAN, but can access the internet. Work devices, Firestick, and actual guests and their devices fall into this category.

Guest 2 - Devices that can access each other AND the internet, but NOT LAN or Guest. The only device that falls into this category is the Chromecast. I want to connect my cellphone to it for casting. I don’t mind switching wifis on my phone in order to do this.

Obviously, the AXT comes with the LAN and Guest already configured and ready to go, but I want to add a third network. I’m not sure how to to this. I have followed this tutorial How to configure OpenWrt as Firewall for your home network and Guest Wifi and IPTables explained - YouTube, with some modifications.

So far, I’ve managed to set up the third network and devices on it are able to talk to the Internet, but they CANNOT see each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you added firewall rules?
You can check it in LuCI - Network - Firewall. If you need Guest to be able to see Guest2, you need to add a rule to accept data.
Just like in the video set lan => IOTZone.

It got it to work after all, but I’m not sure what I did exactly. It was either user error (my wifi devices were connecting to different networks) or rebooting the device. I’m all good now.

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