Add WiFi dongle to non-WiFi router (Brume 2)?

As my Google Nest WiFi disables guest WiFi in bridge mode, is it possible to add a WiFi dongle (ex TP Link TL-WN823N) and have it show in GL GUI or Luci?

You can but the first step is confirming OpenWrt Linux compatibility. Not all Linux-compatible adapters are created equal. If not overtly listed on the advertisement/product page, check the reviews. Related:

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Thank you. If I am using a compatible dongle should it automatically show up in GL GUI and Luci?

No; OpenWrt is not ‘plug and play’. You’ll have to confirm it’s loading the correct modules into the Linux kernel (‘kmod’). The Windows equivalent of this is ensuring drivers are loaded & running.

ssh into your device & run:

  • lsusb
  • dmesg
  • logread -e "usb"

That’ll help get you the necessary info required when you request assistance on the OpenWrt Forums. There’s a few steps involved in setup & I don’t have a USB adapter to work along with.

See below for a SSH HOW-TO.

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The TP Link TL-WN823N has versions V1, V2 and V3. They use 2 different chipsets that require different drivers (like kmod-rtlxxxxxx), so first make sure the required package is available and installed.

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