Adding 5g capability to Slate AX with Quectel RM520N-GL

I’ve been glady using Slate AX for a while, but where I am now, local network speed is slow while 5g speed is great. I got tired of tethering my iPhone and started researching how to add 5g to my Slate in the cheapest way. Quectel RM520N-GL module, type-c adapter and antenna set caught my attention in Aliexpress.

Before making a purchase I would like to ask you, if I connect the Module with the type-c adapter to the Slate AX, will it work? If yes, what is the highest speed I can get over usb 3.0?{"sku_id"%3A"12000028820311334"}&pdp_npi=3%40dis!THB!8695.56!6956.45!!!!!%40211bd93f16792029060492864d06db!12000028820311334!sea!TH!0&curPageLogUid=avRhdVPDcubR&gatewayAdapt=glo2usa4itemAdapt&_randl_shipto=US

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Type-C socket is for power only on this router, you can’t use it for data processing.

And one more thing is that there are some problems with drivers for your technical solution. I mean not all modems and USB to PCI devices have drivers for OpenWRT. But I may be wrong.

Yeah you might have to faff about to get it working, drivers, firmware and all that.

For a start you would need an M2 to USB3.

Even with the USB3 I would also want something that could feed additional power into the modem.
There are M2 to USB3 enclosures that also provide auxiliary DC 5v power via a Micro USB port.

Wait for the new Spitz :grinning:

check out the thread where I have built such a device that you are asking about. I have seen speeds of 400mbps in my area but that is heavily dependent on your carrier and tower congestion. But usb 3 is very capable as is the rm520n-gl modem.

@genki I actually found M2 to USB3 adapter. I belive usb3.0 fully capable to power RM520N chip , don’t think it will need addition power. Like you mention even it’s bulky Spitz AX will be the best solution for me but no news when it will be available and how much will cost.

@CornPop Wow congrats! It’s a masterpiece and erased driver compatibiliy corcerns from my head. Unfortunately i don’t have that much space in my backpack…