Adding a Nokia 5110 LCD module?

Someone told me that it’s possible to add a Nokia 5110 LCD module to the board’s GPIO’s (GL-AR150)
Anyone here who might have a diagram, or a howto for this?

See - OpenWrt - Obsługa wyświetlacza LCD na sterowniku PCD8544 (in Polish, use google translator)

The link uses GL.iNet 6416 model instead of GL-AR150.

From the picture, it uses 4 GPIOs, GND and 3.3V. In AR150, there are also 4 GPIOs, although different. Check 404 Page not found - GL.iNet for details.

So I believe it is possible to do this in GL-AR150 too.

Can you use 5V instead of 3.3V? 3.3V is not supposed to output big current, which may affect the chip.

Nope, pcd8544 is 3v3 only. You can burn lcd if you connect 5v.

What is the max current the 3v3 pin may be loaded with in the AR150?

When not using backlight (4x20mA) the LCD doesn’t use much power.

I have no such data. Need to test.

You can use also oled display:

oled display on ar150

This is USB. Can it use GPIO?

Via kmod-i2c-gpio-custom, yes.