Adding an access point to GL-MV1000?

Forgive me if this a bad question, but I haven’t seen anything on the form to explicitly answer it (all posts were about turning the routers into access points, rather than adding one). I am assuming that it is possible to have an access point connected via LAN to a Brume, to have wireless networking capabilities?

I would be going from a cable modem, into the wan port of the Brume, and then to a wireless access point via LAN. I guess I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work if I setup everything correctly, I just wasn’t sure if this was explicit blocked by the router itself.

That should perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best uses for the Brume if you want to pass all traffic from your access point to the internet via its VPN client.

Do you think the Brume combined with an access point would be enough for a home network? The house as a whole doesn’t stream much but there are several computers running network services, and I have a connection of 400 mbps down and 25 up through cable.

It could be, depending on the AP you use and where is is placed. I use a Mikrotik wAP ac connected to a MV1000 and it gives me a similar wifi experience than my ASUS RT-AC68U.

I was going to use something like a TP-Link AC1200 A6, so that I can dual band.

Why don’t you use a RTL8812AU WiFi adapter to have dual band with Brume router?

I guess I’m worried it won’t be powerful enough for my entire home

I have used the Brume as a router in front of a mesh system with 60+ clients connected without it breaking a sweat. Had to unfortunately add another router to my network as I needed WAN aggregation feature which the Brume missed.

I don’t mean the Brume itself, I mean the USB Wi-Fi adapter not being enough. I have no doubt the Brume would handle routing for my network no problem. I have less than 15 clients, just high bandwidth.

It probably won’t (be enough). You’ll have one band at a time (2.4 or 5 GHz) and it will be very slow, about half of what a decent AP can do.

I tried this before:

Had my Brume connected to a B1300 mesh (3 node) at one time. Was double NAT but never caused me an issue (YMMV). You could run one in AP mode (no double NAT) and if need more coverage, purchase another to give you a mesh.

You could add another Gl.inet product (AR750, MT1300) in Access Point mode. Either that or add something like a Ubiquiti AC Lite or similar as your AP (not sure if your premise is wired to allow for additional APs) .

Yes, just use a capable access point via LAN (as per your original question) and forget about a USB WiFi adapter.