Adding Entware repo to GL-E750?

A great number of the packages provided in the gl.inet repos are way out of date. ZeroTier is 2 minor versions behind (and there have been a bunch of security and bugfixes, new features added since).

Ideally, since the base is OpenWRT, Entware should be an option. Except, it doesn’t work.

Adding the Entware mipssf repository results in a boatload of these messages while executing opkg update:

Package [package name] version x.y.z has no valid architecture, ignoring.

Packages do install, but result in a failure due to md5sum failing on them:

Installing zerotier (1.4.6-2) to root...
Installing libminiupnpc (2.1.20191224-1) to root...
Installing libnatpmp (20150609-2) to root...
Configuring libminiupnpc.
Configuring libnatpmp.
Configuring zerotier.
Collected errors:
 * file_md5sum_alloc: Could't compute md5sum for /tmp/opkg-IlbdFi/zerotier_1.4.6-2_mips-3.4.ipk.
 * file_md5sum_alloc: Could't compute md5sum for /tmp/opkg-IlbdFi/libminiupnpc_2.1.20191224-1_mips-3.4.ipk.
 * file_md5sum_alloc: Could't compute md5sum for /tmp/opkg-IlbdFi/libnatpmp_20150609-2_mips-3.4.ipk.

Is there a step I’m missing to get Entware working? There’s no mention of it around the forums unfortunately.

I thought about using the full-blown Entware installer by creating another overlayfs mount for /opt, and installing the whole package deal there, but that would result in a duplicated install of OPKG and various packages - managing the path for all of those would be a nightmare.

From your log seems the ipk are installed. Can you pls check?

I checked, and while the IPKs seem to be installed, that error at the end breaks the install process and does not extract the IPKs, resulting in non-working half-installs.