Adding External Antenna to XE300

Where exactly do I have to connect the external antenna on the PCB of XE300?

Do you mean 4G or WiFi?

4G, but Wifi would also be nice

Look at Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 in the internal photos:

The LTE module has 2 MHF4 or U.FL connectors for attaching antenna pigtails.

Here are what you should do

  1. Find two 4G antenna which comes with a short uFL to SMA wire and antenna stick.
  2. Open the case the connec the uFL to the 4G module.
  3. Mount the the SMA to the case. You will find two holes on the side of the case. You need to take the two small fans aways from the holes and fix the SMA connect there.
  4. Finally connect antenna stick.
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