Adding LTE antenna to 4G Smart Router

Let’s try again.
I have a 4G Smart Router (GL-MIFI26-AFFA), and I would like to add a uFL to SMA pigtail. First I want to make sure I can, and that I have identified the U.FL connections on the board.
Are these the two U.FL connections?
And will this work?

The bottom one on your photo label “Div” is the second LTE antenna connection. The middle port is GPS, requires a GPS antenna. The already connected one is the internal LTE antenna.

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I just want to make sure I understand, an external LTE antenna would use the top (after disconnecting the existing U.FL connector) and the bottom U.FL connections.
And I would leave the middle jack open, correct?

Correct. One antennae to the top and one antennae to the bottom connectors. Leave middle one.