Adding PPtP via Lucy on AR750s

I know PPtP is not secure but I just need this to be installed only so I can watch my streaming services when out of state or country. I’ve tried OpenVPN but I can never still watch streaming services. I turned on PPtP on my AX6000 router and then turned on PPtP on my Windows 10 and logged right in and could stream.
So, for whatever reason, PPTP seems to get what I need.
I just can’t find any detailed instructions on how to actually set it up. I did manage to install the package on the AR750s but if someone wouldn’t mind throwing together what I need, even from start to finish, to be sure I installed the right package, I’d appreciate it.

Just use wireguard. Faster and more secure

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I didn’t try recently. But I remember that if you installed correct pptp modules, in Luci you will find pptp.

pptp luci menu was missing and fixed in 2021.

So if you use latest openwrt it may have this.

I don’t see wireguard as an option on my AR750s router.

I updated to the latest version yesterday.

I see pptp but I see an error when I look at the modules " Protocol: PPtP
RX: 0 B (0 Pkts.)
TX: 0 B (0 Pkts.)
Error: Unknown error (USER_REQUEST)"

Its in the vpn section what kind of connection do you have?

OpenVPN client, OpenVPN server, Wireguard client Wireguard server, Internet kill switch, VPN policies, Tor

I mean you need to upgrade to OpenWrt vinalla firmware latest version.

In our default firmware no pptp interface even in luci. Have to configure manually.

Are there instructions on how to upgrade OpenWRT to the latest version?
It sounds like I find an image file, download it to my pc, and do the flash new firmware image… is that it? Where is the latest version, I’m not finding it so far.
This is what I show to currently have:
Powered by LuCI openwrt-19.07 branch (git-21.189.23240-7b931da) / OpenWrt 19.07.8 r11364-ef56c85848

Maybe just download the .tar firmware OpenWrt Firmware Selector
and upgrade in current firmware.

Do not keep settings of course.

Uhoh, I must have done the wrong firmware file… my router still works for wifi but now I can’t connect to the interface (
Any ideas? I hope I don’t have to reset it!

If you used openwrt default firmware, the IP address will be

You can find the IP of your pc or phone when you connect to that.

But as you are using OpenWrt 1907, it is likely not the vanila openwrt firmware.

I used openwrt-ath79-nand-glinet_gl-ar750s-nor-nand-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin

But I think that is the wrong one. Can you tell me what is the right file name for the upgrade to make this current firmware?

This is the correct OpenWrt vanilla firmware for AR750s. Here is what you should do:

  1. You can upgrade in AR750s’ stock firmware. Do NOT keep settings.
  2. After you install it, wait for the router reboot. Connect your pc to the LAN port via an Ethernet cable. Please note, it does not broadcast wifi or have a web UI.
  3. SSH to the router ssh root@ It does not need a password.
  4. You need to feed a cable with Internet to the WAN port.
  5. Use opkg to update and install luci.

  6. Finally, you can access with the Luci Interface.

I followed these steps, although in the second part it said Luci was up to date.
My router firmware was current as well.
Now I need good directions to install pptp. Will pptp then show up in the router’s VPN section or only thorough luci?

Next step I did was added the kmod-pptp under the system software. It also installed three other pieces to it (part of the pptp package). I rebooted AR750s. Then when I go to the add a new interface under Luci, I don’t see the pptp as a new interface. What do you suggest.

In latest openwrt, go to software, first Update list, then install

Install kmod-pptp and luci-proto-ppp luci-mod-pptp

Reboot the router and you will have pptp in luci

One more question before I try this. will I see the PPTN under the VPN on the main menu of the router or do I have to always go into Luci to see it and turn it on?