Adding the Beryl AX3000 as an AdGuard Home server only

I was thinking of adding my Beryl AX3000 to my existing network ( turn its radio off and use it only as an AdGuard Home server.
the Beryl is already configured with a fixed IP of assigned by the main router who’s handling DHCP. It is currently configured as a repeater and not plugged in the main router but acting wirelessly. For testing purposes I have connected a smart TV to the Beryl (separate SSID) and AdGuard is working and rejecting multiple queries.
If I want to have the Beryl filter the traffic of all the clients connecting wirelessly to my main router should I:
a - Connect it (WAN port) to one the main router’s LAN ports
b - on the Beryl’s network mode page, select “Access Point”
c - Change the DNS server on my main router to (Beryl’s fixed IP)

I am confused as weather this would work or not.

That seems like an inefficient use for the Beryl, considering its specs and capabilities.

I posted something about using a TV box (around $20-$30) as a network appliance for AGH with a quad core processor and 2GB of memory (instead of using an RPI), but the author of that has not released an OpenWRT 22.x stable firmware yet, which is what got me curious about their project (mentioned 26 days ago).

I usually test OpenWRT with an RPI 3B+, but it seems like an SBC would accommodate as a stand-alone AGH device (ethernet only) better than an AX3000, since AGH runs even better with 1GB/2GB/4GB of RAM vs a 512MB device.

It does sound like a static IP on the Beryl with DHCP assigning that IP for DNS would work on your home network though.

EDIT: This looked interesting too for dedicated networking appliances. As mentioned in the other post, the volume of TV boxes sold make them very inexpensive devices for cool networking projects.

I do have a laptop running Ubuntu and AdGuard Home also with a fixed IP.
That one works perfectly when I point my router DNS to the IP of that laptop.
As this needs to be always on, I was thinking that maybe my Beryl would use less power.

I agree. Most routers and SBC’s would sip power compared to a laptop.

CNX software did a two-part review on the performance of the MT3000 and all the new GL.Inet releases, including the AX3000, do seem capable of a lot. Definitely more than enough for running a few blocklists with AGH.

GL.iNet GL-MT3000 pocket-sized Wi-Fi 6 Router review - Part 1: Specs, unboxing, and teardown - CNX Software

In order not to mess up my router. I went ahead and directed my phone’s DNS to the the IP of the Beryl To see how things would go.
Phone being at and Beryl at
I get access to the web… in the beginning and then it drops.
Not sure what’s causing that.