Adding USB support to MT300A (Clean)



I installed the clean firmware (5/31/2016) version on my MT300A.

I’d like to be able to use the USB slot for a thumb drive. What packages do I need? I found something on OpenWRT, is this everything?





it is not all. You need also USB storage packages: USB Storage [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

The required packages are well listed.

You need block-mount to mount the USB automatically.

Thanks - I don’t know if there’s a separate topic …


but i noticed that on the clean version when I want to change networks (connect to another network) If I go to Network–> WiFI, Remove, it removes the wwan interface. Makes it difficult to change to another network. So far, it seems like I can click Edit, and type i a new network name and key.

Not sure this is your issue, but there is a small checkbox at the top of the first page after Join. You need to uncheck this in Luci or it will delete all your wireless connections.

Below that is “Name of the new network” which should be WWAN (but may be WAN which I think is standard)

Below that choose WAN for the “Create / Assign firewall-zone”

The check box can really much up the works. This post the author offers a GUI fix to disable the checkbox by default, but I have not tried it (but really should).


hi there bud … that’s not it … i wasn’t replacing the config …


BUT, I actually have done the mod and removed the checkbox by default.

and use your wifimgr modded script to manage APs, but for some reason the MT300A has always given me issues with defining the AP via LUCI gui. even with the stock firmware. for now, it’s working again. i’m tempted to put a microSD card inside and have some default configs always copy over.