Additional Wi-Fi

on my devices they are added as network mode.
Access Point Connect to a wired network and broadcast a wireless network.

Could i add an additional Wi-Fi like before i added the access point only. I had a guest Wi-Fi in the background hidden, as some of my Iot “wpa only things” can’t connect to the stronger security added.

i’m running the latest firmware on both
Opal Version 4.1.1 Firmware beta1
Beryl Version4.1.0 Firmware beta3
On a plus point, the firmware update added an improved web browser which is less clunky than the old one.

Hmm do you mean you want a extra access point in the opal or beryl?

If so it might not be possible through GL ui, but you can however in luci in the advanced ui, but it depends on the router and the antennas too.

To check you can just go in luci->network->wireless then click on add, this will create a new AP if it doesn’t work you will not find the AP.

Or do you mean you want a dumbap?