Adguard and Iphone

So how to i fix this?
Adguard home + parental control is enabled on my home router.
Laptops/Desktops are ok.
Issue: Iphones have a default “wifi” setting called “Limit IP Address Tracking”
and because of that , it is able to bypass parental controls (accessing adult sites and such)

is the only way to fix this is by disabling it manually on the iphone? this would defeat the purpose of “parental control”

I am not sure if this is the real reason because I have this option enabled as well and my phone does use the adguardhome and parental control.

Can you check if you have any other vpn or encrypted dns settings on the iphone?
Encrypted dns could bypass the router’s Adguard home.

no i dont have any other settings- everything is stock on this iphone 12 (ios 16.1.1)
parental control does work when i disable “limit ip address tracking”

I don’t know if this is related, do you have IOS Private Relay enabled?

If IOS uses encrypted dns, the router parental control does not work, unless the router blocks encrypted dns completely and force the phone to use normal DNS.

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ha! that did it - I was not aware my iCloud+ sub. had this enabled.

parental control now working after disabling that.

thank you.

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