AdGuard Enable? Will it slow my VPN server 2 Client?

I want to know if enabling AdGuard will slow down things or break the VPN server’s connection because as you know Upload speed is the most important & sadly since I’m a residential customer I’m getting only 8/MB max so every bit counts. I know I can’t stream but at least I can use basic local vpn stuff like logging into stuff from oversees & not having the website or app flip out because it thinks it’s in local USA IP.Thanks.

AdGuard Home might even speed up* your connection because some DNS requests can be answered by cache instead of sending them to the internet. And some requests will be blocked anyway, so you save traffic. It does not interference with VPN.

If you use many block lists, you should consider setting the update time to only a few hours to save bandwidth.

*) Don’t think that it will be like wooooosh now. You will barely notice anyway.

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Ok Thanks I understand it’s enabled but Now it’s asking AdGaurd Handle Client too right? both on? thanks

I would disable AdGuard Handle Client directly and enable Overwrite DNS within the DNS tab of the GL GUI.

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Thank I did all that but do I need to redo all the Client Profiles over again now that we made changes? Evey-time I make a change do I need to QR wireguard profiles on all devices again?

I would assume that you don’t need to recreate the WG profiles - since the router will intercept all DNS queries anyway and send them to AGH.

I did not test it, so take it as “as far as I know” and test it before

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