Adguard for GL-AR750s on 4.x firmware

Hello guys, I was using adguard on 3.x firmware without any problem. I updated to 4.3.2 and there’s no gl-agh-stats availble. SO i installed just the adguard package but after that I can’t use the DNS session, even when I disable adguard.


I really want to test adguard with all configs on 4.x firmware. Could you help me to compile the gl-agh-stats package and all the dependencies?

Thank you

gl-agh-stats has not been uploaded to the software repository yet, I will upload it in the next beta version.

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Hey @luochongjun , just tested Adguard on 4.3.6 and it’s really awesome! Works better than in 3.216! Only issue is that there’s no information on main gl inet admin page (applications ->AG → stats), but it’s not big deal, adguard webpage works very well.

EDIT: Testing the last beta release2