Adguard home and vpn policy over domain

I can’t understand… I’ve been using adgurad so far. At the same time, the vpn policy based on the target DOMAIN used to work, then stopped working. I decided to disable adguard and take a look. vpn policy based on the target DOMAIN has started working again. Then I turned on adguard and it continued to work. After the reboot it stopped working again. Disabled adguard and vpn policy based on the target DOMAIN has started working again.
I can’t use two of the functions of brume at the same time VPNpbotD and AGH :man_facepalming:t2:

And the second question is whether it is planned to support DNS-over-HTTP/3 and the ability to specify the doh server yourself or ability to edit list of doh resolvers?

Firmware version that it used to work on an the new one it does not work on?

Have you made changes in the Adguardhome settings page (default gateway :3000 Ex

4.2.0, no changes with default gateway :3000
now I use large pools of ip addresses. For example for i have to use :man_facepalming:

You are on a 4.2.0 Stable, Beta or Snapshot?
You upgraded from what firmware? returns: a Google 400 error Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.

Adguardhome has a different settings page where custom list are loaded, DoH is setup

4.2.0 stable
from every new firmware. last one is 4.2.0 beta 4 uses for pics in youtube like avatars e t c, but in our net this domain is blocked. But YoutubeFix extention for home unblocked these pics. There is rewrites from to in this extention. But i need to unblock these pics for all my local net.