Adguard Home Custom Block Page on built-in Nginx

Right now whatever Adguard Home blocked any domain there no proper message or indication. Is it possible to host my own customized Adguard block page on the Brume2 with Nginx? I hope somebody can rip the page (below) and create a step by step tutorial for linux noob to follow and implement would be great.

Block page example


I think the page design is very suitable for GL.inet devices to host as their customized page. The development team can consider integrating this block page design into future firmware upgrades.

You can try redirecting blocked domain to any IP in the Settings page of ADGUARDHOME.

I have tried, but I got a certificate error with the IP address and the block page doesn’t get displayed.

Because the LAN address has no authoritative certificate, the browser will always warn you, and you can redirect it to any other accessible website.

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