AdGuard Home - effectiviness

Testing on this website, does your AdGuard is working well?

When I test the extension, on browser, it block around 95%, but when using AdGuard Home (Flint2) I’m not always getting good results.

The strange is: sometimes it’s good, sometimes not, like on this example here:

AdGuard Home can only block DNS requests - you will never reach a sufficient percentage on this test by just running AGH.

AGH is only part of the puzzle - you still need some AdBlocker within your browser.

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Tested again, but now on my mobile phone (no ad block extension installed on it)…
I really don’t understand these so totally different results.

Ah, tbh I never read what the website tests. I was wrong because this website will only test DNS - so AGH is completely fine. (But it’s not sufficient for “real wild” advertisement)

On your browser, you must be sure that you definitely use AGH. Some browsers use DoH by default using Cloudflare, check if it’s disabled.

Some browser has hidden dns as not dhcp or @admon said problem with DOH - Firefox :fox_face: