AdGuard Home on Flint 2 configuration?

I just recently tried to enable AGH on my Flint 2 for the 1st time since receiving it after using uBlock Origin as a browser addon for many years, and I can’t seem to get AGH to block any ads once I disable uBlock, even after adding and enabling a few well known lists to AGH. I have tried rebooting the Flint 2 after enabling AGH.

I currently have my Flint 2 connected to an ISP supplied router/modem and have “AdGuard Home Handle Client Requests” enabled in the AGH settings on the Flint 2.

On the AGH settings page, there does seem to be DNS queries and also Top Client being populated, but no ads are being blocked. Is there any extra things I need to do in the AGH settings page due to the Flint 2 being connected to an ISP supplied router/modem? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

In that case, all devices must use the AdGuard Home DNS server as the main DNS.
Test without this option before, and enable Override DNS Settings for All Clients in DNS.

Thanks for the reply,

I went ahead and did what you said and enabled the Override setting in DNS and it looks like its working on my phone and also on my wired PC when using Edge, but I cannot seem to get it to block ads when using Firefox.

I went into Firefox’s network settings and tried “Auto-detect proxy settings for this network”, “No Proxy” and “Use system proxy settings” options, but ads still continue to show when using a tester like and on sites known to have ads.

Also tried running Firefox with all add-ons disabled, but ads still showed.

I’ve also tried going into Firefox’s “Privacy & Security” settings and in the “DNS over HTTPS” and tried “Default Protection”, “Increased Protection (Using CIRA)” and “Off” and still ads show…

Try to disable the internal DNS resolver: How to Disable DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox | KeepSolid SmartDNS

That was the last thing I tried, although that article you linked must be outdated because that setting is under “Privacy & Security” now.

I don’t know if I had to do a reboot or what it was, but it looks like it is blocking ads within Firefox now.