Adguard Home problem on Flint Ax1800

If I turn on Adguard Home, the router only work for nearly 1 day and then no wifi, no internet on the router. I think there is a problem with AGH on this router.

I wonder if that’s what happened to my router. Except it was working fine for a week, I go on a work trip and then my roommate says it died. They tried power cycling it, but it won’t broadcast any of the SSIDs I configured. I also can’t seem to be able to reset it to defaults. I will create a new thread instead of hijacking yours.

Yes adguard has problems. It generate a lot of log and flash is full because of this. In this case, you need to reset the router using the reset button. Hold for 10 seconds and release.

Fixing this problem with firmware update.

Is there Adguard Home problem with other models? Or just Flint

How about the 3.207 firmware?