Adguard Home v0.107.48 breaks Flint 2

Started getting WiFi freezes and dropouts

Using 4.5.4 Firmware.

Then, I get this msg below in my logs .

Mon Apr 8 15:19:31 2024 user.notice AdGuardHome[7305]: 2024/04/08 05:19:31.099703 [info] Auth: invalid GL cookie value: Admin-Token=lJ1LbWdX0mpJcv92yCVlyY455tJoZXGk

Going to try resetting Adguard home or rolling back to v0.107.44 which has been stable.

Pretty sure this is not about the issue you had.
The message indicates that the login to AdGuard Home didn’t work.

Sure. Further checking shows the wifi is still connected but accessing sites is the issue.

I’ve removed a client setting which has the new internal tzdata built into agh. This may be the issue.

Version 4.5.4 is very unstable. Use beta 4.5.8

It has to be 4.5.4 because I just upgraded adguard on my MT6000 and everything went nice and smooth :call_me_hand:

4.5.4 has been pretty good for me. Haven’t ‘upgraded’ since the dramas with the firmware. Hoping the new commits in MT76 chipset on openwrt produce a 23.05 / 24.05 firmware soon.

adguard has been ok since i removed the client setting to block YT between certain times. AgH made changes to the timezone code to assist with the scheduling and I suspect that’s caused an issue.


Logs showing about login issue. So it is not WiFi issue.
About problem visit any website that is your Adguard Home filters.
If problem with WiFi that is your DHCP problem with router. Try handle dns to adguard home.

OpenWRT snapshots are very stable. The only problem that still exists is the impossibility of reaching speeds above 150 Mbps on some smartphones.

Packet loss in OpenWRT is much lower than in GL firmware.